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A version of a internet troll where the troll makes a comment on a subject with a message completely irrelevant to the topic or discussion at hand for the purpose of confusing and bewildering readers and participants of the discussion. A milder kind of trolling where readers might take the troll for someone truly lost on the internet.
In a discussion about My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic a lost troll may post the following:

"Yes. It needs to be a lower temp though. The glue gun melts it too fast because it's too hot. The crayon itself keeps running as well due to the higher temp. I'm trying to make some kind of adjustable temperature version. I'm thinking of doing the same as soldering pencil manufacturers do with their products."

Prompting replies in the likeness of "what are you doing here?".
by Achmedsander October 07, 2013
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