Passing out in a Kiddy pool. Usually happens after a night of awesome drunken debauchery. Almost always occurs in the summer months.
Matt: I can't reach Peter
Tyler: Then we'll assume he is lost at sea.
by Raging Slippy June 17, 2009
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Water (namely bath water) containing cum.
Wanking in the bath should be cleaner because your jizz should be lost at sea, instead of wanking in bed which can ruin the tissues and stain the bed sheets.
by knobend1989 May 22, 2016
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To be stranded on the toilet with no toilet paper in the bathroom. Usually occurs after failure to check how much back up tp you have. This can be remedied by calling out to whoever is in your house, or if you have a cell phone, by calling someone.
John was lost at sea for three hours until his mom came home with a pack of toilet paper.
by THatgUY452 October 22, 2011
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