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An exclamation of surprise, exasperation, or other strong emotion. Generally used by older generations, but also picked up by teenagers primarily from the US Eastern seaboard.
Child: Nana, what's love like?
Great-Grandmother: Oh lordy lordy, you are too young to be asking that question. Don't fall in love with boys yet; if they try to kiss you just sock them in the nose. Lordy, what's your mother teaching you?
by Armygirl0604 May 07, 2016
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A common name for anyone of the African american race. Preferably one who is rich or may have a lot of money.
"Did you see Alex?"
"Yeah, he was at Gamestop buying a PS3 and some games"
"rich bastard"
"yeah, he's a lordy lordy"
by Captain Schpack April 09, 2010
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