Consists of Irish and Italian kids, beer pong and flip cup, Hollister and Abercrombie, spray tans and big sunglasses, Montauk and The Hamptons, Corona's and Yager Bomb's, Boardy Barn and Neptunes, house parties and keg stands, Escalades and Mustangs, barbeques and beaches, soccer and lacrosse, cocaine and ecstacy, bars and boats, 5 bedroom houses and 2 car garages, Fire Island and Nautical Mile, steroids and boob jobs, bank accounts and bad accents.

It's pronounced "LawngGuyland" by its inhabitants.
Beware while traveling through this desolate land known as Long Island, N.Y. They migrate in large packs and are usually highly intoxicated. However, you may rest easy America, these white, fist pumping creatures rarely venture outside this suburban jungle.
by ayyo246 February 17, 2011
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