Drinking a shot that's been poured into a man's foreskin.

A very common occurrence in the UK among friends that play rugby.
William: Bruh he just done a London Tipton
George: He took a shot out of his cock? No way
by scotstee September 20, 2021
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A character from "The Suite Life" series, and one of the most irritating and aggravating characters ever to grace the Disney Channel BEFORE Miley Cyrus followed suit. Reasons? 1.) Brenda Song performs like she believes that she's a comedy Godsend, but in reality, she overacts to great lengths; 2.) She reminds many of the self-absorbed bitch who would make average boy or girl feel worthless, and 3.) She has her own blog on Disney Channel's website, enforcing the sad truth that Disney has become something for up-and-coming ho's.
I would love to shove a sawed-off shotgun up London Tipton's ass so I wouldn't hear that tacky "Yay me!" line again. Honey, sitcoms don't use punchlines any more. Look at "30 Rock", which stars one of the strongest comediennes of all time: Tina Fey.
by mez1985 April 05, 2009
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