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The irrational belief that the existence and approval of small anime & manga girls promotes and endorses pedophilia.
Otaku: Megumin and Rory Mercury are my waifus!

Loli Hater: What, so you’re a pedophile who supports child trafficking and rape culture?

Otaku: No....

Loli Hater: But you just admitted to liking underage characters!

Otaku: They’re fictional characters living in already unrealistic fantasy worlds where other characters my age also find them attractive. Is something wrong?

Loli Hater: bUt sHe’s uNdErAGe!!

Otaku: Relax, son, it’s just an anime character.

Loli Hater: bUt yOu’Re sTiLL A peDOphILE!

Otaku: I literally can’t even stand being around people’s annoying children, why should I suddenly be sexually or romantically attracted to them?

Loli Hater: bEcAuSe yOu’RE aTTraCtEd tO uNDerAgE cHaRaCtERs

Otaku: The characters I mentioned look nothing like children and don’t even act like them. Loli Derangement Syndrome in action!
by TheSleeperThatHaunts February 21, 2021
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