Lola is a girl with blue eyes and the most colorful hair. She loves to party, but has social anxiety. She is most likely lesbian, so watch out girls. She has a cool personality. Everyone wants to be her friend. Lola is just an all around, good looking, smart, awesome girl
Gal 1: “Whoah look at her, she is so cool”
Gal 2: “ yeah I know, she’s such a lola
by 1TSyABO1Sk1nnYPeN1s May 01, 2018
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Lola a nice, kind person. Can become a prick at times. But overall a nice kind pretty good looking person. Also, pinches very hard...
Hey Lola.. (OUCH)
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by JennyWennyHenny November 05, 2019
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She’s a rebel. She rebels against what people tell her to do. She likes to make new friends but keep the old. She doesn’t like conflict and is very depressed. She makes fun of her depression to help her cope. She is incredibly beautiful and anybody who fails to see that is not worthy of her.
Person 1: who’s that chick?
Person 2: that’s lola! Best not to mess with her though
by Vscogorl November 05, 2019
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Lola is the best person you will ever meet. She has Blue eyes and brown hair and is the best person/Best Friend you will ever meet. She is very attractive and she has a beautiful smile and has a kind, caring and generous heart. She will always be in your heart and she will always have your back. She is very loyal and you can tell her anything and she will keep it a secret. She is very fun and has unlimited energy. She is very sporty and is everyone’s Friend and she loves the cold. Her favourite colour is red and she loves frogs. She has a pet and loves to party. Don’t loose a Friend like Lola. You won’t remember life without her.
Person A: She is so nice!
Person B: She is such a Lola
by 🕸🦄🐞 November 07, 2019
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really nice, funny, cute... I guess but doesn't admit it.
she is de best girl you will meet

oh and also suuuuuuper gay
and likes making jewlery
hey u see lola today
yeah she was so funny
by yurmomalso November 05, 2020
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