The term to "Lol gay" somebody is a certain type of frape, the way it is done is to wait untill you can get on someones facebook acount without the seeing and put their status as "Lol gay"
Max Power
lol gay
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by chrism8101 May 1, 2011
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Gay lol is a very ancient phrase that has been repeated throughout the ages, it derives from ancient poetry and most simpletons do not understand it. Only men who watch Teletubbies will understand its humour.
Ms Heazlett is Gay lol
by HOBBLEYEET October 31, 2017
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Basically ur mom gay but it's inflicted on the opponent themself. Probably one of the most dangerous insults you can use. Strong enough for your opponent to get stage 4 lung cancer. Use at extreme times. Use with caution.
Friend: Guess what
You: What?
Friend: Ur adopted lol
You: Ur gay lol
friend: *Gets lung cancer*
Friend: *Fights long and hard*
You: Cmon buddy, you can't give up on me now!
Friend: *In a weak raspy voice* I-I-I'm sorry, goodbye.
Friend: *dies of death disease*
You: won the battle though *Troll Face*
by SuperSuperCereal April 20, 2021
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This is a powerful phrase that can destroy 8 countries off of the face of the earth. This phrase is often used at someone who is attacking you in a game. If followed by a no u it can be 47.89 times more destructive! Watch it because if your mum catches you using this phrase she will have no other choice but than to give you 10 across the ass.

-Owen West
Owen: ThiS Kid IS Omega gay lOL cause he is.
The Kid: No u
Owen: Dies
by Owen West April 3, 2020
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this is the worst insult you can ever use against someone. this will end their career in one complete swipe.
Preacher: Make sure to-
Me: stfu your mom gay lol
Preacher: dies
by lil booty wipe January 3, 2018
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The ultimate form of an insult. Usually used as a finishing move on the strongest of opponents to show that your intellect is stronger and more advanced.
Person 1: You so lame that not even gravity will pull you closer
You: ur mum gay lol
by A center for ants October 30, 2017
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