A man who sees a dead body in the forest and exploits for views and, when called out for it, makes a terrible self-absorbed apology on twitter. Once called out for it, they will make a somewhat 'better' apology on their YouTube channel only to be called out for more shit. Was one the better brother of the Paul's family, is now right on the same line as his brother Jake Paul. Is utter shit and really needs a foot up his ass.
Example- "Did you watch Logan Paul's video on the guy who committed suicide?"
"Oh yeah he's such a savage."
"I was thinking more retarded than savage."
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by AL Cuckers January 15, 2018
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Logan Paul is I douche who breaks plates and claims he tries not to think about money but shows off his mansion,pool,koo pool,school bus,Rolex...in December 31 2017 he filmed a suicide victim and put it on YouTube,this caused worldwide controversy.he has since issued 2 apologies,but none of them matter since he continued to exploit people for views.Besides he is a bad influence for the 8 YEAR OLDS watching his channel
Logan Paul is a selfish jackass that calls himself a "maverick"just because he either ignores hate or issues shitty apologies that mean nothing after 2 weeks
by Mrxderp April 10, 2018
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A complete cringey waste of space and is gunna get banged by ksi on August 25th
Logan paul needs to be put down
by Tgf jay swingler August 09, 2018
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An asshole pimp YouTuber who's fans mainly consist of retarded children or very gullible people. Notably responsible for the Suicide Forest scandal in January which has now faded away into nothingness.
If you watch Logan Paul you must have severe autism.
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by A Human Male July 20, 2018
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One of the many tumours of YouTube. He recently filmed a hanging body in Japan and laughed at it. An all round washed up cunt from Vine.
Logan Paul is even worse than Ricegum and Jake Paul
by Mint Flavour Pill Shaped Sweet January 03, 2018
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