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A Logan Jeans is most likely the coolest kid in Australia, Logan Jeans is from Mediterranean origin, resulting in having the bushiest eyebrows in Australia, if not the world. Logan Jeans has the most monsterous schlong averaging and about 10 inches. Logan Jeans plays basketball and dunk on kids at least 32 times a game, while averaging 69 points per game, Logan Jeans is worth $420 million dollars and was most recently bought by the Supreme Elite basketball team. Logan Jeans is a quality rebounder and also shoots 3's on the daily. Logan Jeans is the best spitter on the coast, although receiving shitty training from a hobo found in a back ally, Logan Jeans has risen to the top of the WSC (World Spitting Championships). Everybody at school wants to be Logan Jeans' friend but he has to deny 67% of the people. Logan Jeans pulls all the bitches and dates a minimum of 47 at a time.
"Woah he can dunk he must be a Logan Jeans"

"Damn, look at all those girls fighting, it must be over Logan Jeans"
by Ilovechicken12345 May 11, 2017
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