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A shitty city located in Niagara County, in Upstate New York. Lockport's name is derived from a set of Erie canal locks within the city. During its heyday Lockport was a booming economic success due to it's many factories, General Motors plant, and the canal. Presently, Lockport has about 22,000 citizens who's lives consist of bitching about Lockport, bitching about Lockport's government, bitching about Lockport's taxes, bitching about Lockport's lack of youth entertainment, and smoking weed.
(John) "There's nothing to do here man, lets head over to Lockport, NY."

(David) "Fuck that, Lockport is beat."

(John) "You're right, I guess we can just sit here and smoke pot."
by ObamaFart69 January 27, 2012
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