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A "Lobster Trap" refers to a woman frequently infested with "crabs" and other sexually transmitted external parasites. Alternately, it refers to the genital region of a promiscuous and/or unclean female.
You don't want what she got! She ain't nothin' but a lobster trap!

Alternate usage:

I gotta hit that! I don't care if she's packing a lobster trap!
by The Blind Left-Handed Abbot February 09, 2007
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The act of pulling one's penis out of a woman's vagina while simmultaneously releasing one's balls from her anal cavity. This in turn makes a suction sound that can quite humorous. The maneuver resembles a lobster (the woman) being caught in a trap (the man) and not being released until the man blows his load and his balls decrease in size allowing the removal from her anus.
"I just lobster trapped that fine specimen. Boyyahh!!"
by solely known as Tron June 27, 2006
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A parking lot that is easy to enter, but difficult to exit. In the same way that a lobster trap, or lobster pot is easy for lobsters to enter, although they can not easily escape.
I had no trouble getting to Walmart, but I couldn't escape the parking lot because it was a lobster trap.
by mechafroggie July 10, 2008
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When a man pulls his genitalia through the hole in his boxers to urinate, but fails to unbutton the button. The bell-shape of the penis head then causes it to get stuck, much like a lobster trap.
Person A: Dude put your dick away!
Person B: Sorry man! I didn't realize i had a total Lobster Trap before i turned around!
by Walter900 April 27, 2011
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