A hot and very sexy Latino.

A very sensual muscular person of Hispanic descent.
The female version of a LOBO is a LOBA.
"Nacho Figueras is such a LOBO."

"That girl Sahar is such a fierce LOBA!"
by S/HeWolf October 08, 2009
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short for Logic Board, as in the mainboard of an Apple computer.
Your Mac won't power on, we probably need to swap out the LoBo.
by d-rannasaurus rex February 08, 2009
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He is a wanna be gangster who has zero friends also he thinks its kool to pretend he has a girlfriend named erika
Lobo is a loser and he thinks hes black which he aint so get some friends and stop saying yeaaaa ahhhhh and waz zzzzzzzzupp
by Jake March 15, 2005
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Come on now, Lobo. Lobo is a guy who's really awesome. Just fat chicks. Chubby girls...
Gina: Hey Alexis, Guess what
Alexis: What?
Gina: Lobo

by Gina varisco October 02, 2008
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A giant dump; Sometime known as a "Captain Lobo", referring to theexample of a submarine (the shit) floating around the sea (toilet).
"I just dropped a lobo!"
"I'll be back in a sec, I just have to go let the captain explore the depths..."
by Petris November 07, 2004
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A descendant of Loki,and also an undocumented demigod.
Lobo has found his human vessel,and is now walking amongst mortals.
by lobonightshade February 25, 2017
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