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As in 'Low resolution'. A simpleton. Someone who is simple, uninteresting, mildly retarded etc. Someone who lacks substance or is vague and boring.
That dude I met at the party, he was pretty lo rez. I think he has the mild autism or something. But not full retard.
by Sixmoons June 01, 2015
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Lorez nice man that's god helper.He is kind to many people that help therself first He has a very nice smile when he laugh an play he makes everone smile.His hart is to God.He love hot sauce and he has a great family his favorite color is red.If you see him godpulled you to your real love or friend.he was born handsome and will always be.He is very smart and intelligent and last but no least strong.
1.oh look at the nice helpful man Lorez
by God helper king May 14, 2018
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