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Liubomir is a very uncommon name for a reason! Though if by any chance you do encounter a person with such a name you better not become very close with them. They are lazy, slow, and usually chubby with rolls of fat flabs, double chins, and air balloon cheeks. Many if not all have either uni-brows or very hairy, bush like brows. Liubomirs usually get mad very quickly and lose control fast, so don't get in fights with them. Furthermore, they usually have a Russian background and may be in the mafia so watch out!! They are great mathematicians but lack knowledge and skill in science and the arts. They will usually tell you that they have large genitals but, take it with a grain of salt. Sometimes they will tell you that they are ninjas, werewolfs, vampires, rap artists, basketball players, but DO not fall for their blatant lies!!! However restrain from making fun of these kids because as mentioned before they may be slow but very aggressive and they will catch you someday because they are quite skilled at parkour. These men are not to be trusted in their trench coats, dark sunglasses and fake mustaches in big vans with candy...You have been warned!!!
Mike: Hey guys, want to go play soccer outside?
Jake: Yeah, should I invite Kyle?
Alex: Jesus Christ are you serious?! Don't even think about it that guy is such a Liubomir. He's probably meeting younger boys on Runescape right now!!

Lyndsay: So girls you think I should ask Jason on a date?
Courtney: Ewww, that guy is such a Liubomir, he has the smallest $%^& in school!

Nick: Yo, think I should buy this game?
Scott: Don't do it man that game is so Liubomir!

During sexual intercourse:
Girl: Well, common enough foreplay already

Boy: Umm we've been doing it for 20 minutes now...
Girl: Oh God not another Liubomir!!
by Lub11 July 01, 2009
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