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When a small male (including, but not limited to humans) has an issue with the rest of society because society tends to look down (literally and figuratively) on small people. Little Guy Syndrome (also: Little Man Syndrome) gives the "infected" person a aggressive attitude and thinks he some kind of "playground Muhammad Ali," and can beat everyone up.

NOTE: Not all small male humans, dogs, etc. have Little Guy Syndrome. And oddly enough, legitimate midgits tend not to have Little Guy Syndrome because they've already accepted the fact that they'll be forever short.
Example 1: The worst time a human male can have Little Guy Syndrome is when he's a point guard in basketball. Take Raquel for example. Raquel would have an amazing shot, but the fact that he's hardly five feet makes his shots get destroyed everytime he takes a contested shot. This makes him go berserk and act like he got fouled. Then when the ref tells him to calm down because he didn't get fouled, Raquel goes more insane and fouls everyone trying to steal the ball. He should /really/ see someone for his Little Guy Syndrome.

Example 2: I hate that damn woofy dog next door. It's got the worst Little Guy Syndrome. Everytime I step outside -even if it's only to take out the garbage- the thing goes nuts and tries to attack me until it's leash yanks it back.

by Carrera's Wedge May 30, 2007
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