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This task involves not only dexterity and concentration, but fortitude and omnipotence. Although it may only be performed at the bed of the Tigress and Euphrates rivers, the successful performance of such a task grants one eternal companionship with lord Hades.

The Task:

1. Dab thy finger with Dijon mustard. (Must be Dijon)

2. Prepare thy lady for a sweep of the vaginal innards.

3. The Round About, sweep thy arm in a clockwise fashion with the dexterity of 1000 Gazelles in the direction of thy female clit button.

4. Contact! Graze the flesh of the young mistress at a 56 degree angle to create enough friction, to burn the young lamb shank.

5. Continue thy motion in a seamless flow. The ladies Clit Command Center has now suffered an extreme loss of epidermal surface and central control.

6. Finish by bellowing " your flesh will beckon within the chambers of hell my lady,"

7. Wash your hands.
ex. Upon gathering fruit at the bed of the Tigress river, a feline dwarf approached pleading for a gift. Of course I responded by performing the Lithuanian Clit Brush Burn A.K.A Clit Bomb
by EskapadeMus March 12, 2011
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