Gin. Known as a drink that many women endulge in. Give them enough and the panties will fly off leaving them with nothing but the will to please.
Jason: "She's way out of your league man."
Mike: "Nah, the liquid panty remover is already working. Buy her a few more and I'm in."
by Rolandtgs December 19, 2003
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Absinthe--a strong alcoholic drink with an anise-flavoured taste derived from herbs, including the flowers and leaves of the herb Artemisia absinthium, commonly referred to as "grande wormwood".
Man I gave her a shot of that liquid panty remover called absinthe, and she stripped off "nekkid" in a matter of minutes and it wasn't long until we were getting it on!
by knobdikker January 6, 2010
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Liquid Panty Remover

1. Known as one of many drinks that many women indulge in.

2. Consuming a lot of anyone of such drinks, resulting in extreme drunkenness and subsequent nudity.

3. Gin, vodka, Whiskey, Southern Comfort. etc

4. A woman’s favorite drink, consumed in excise resulting in nudity.

5. A good tasting flavored beverage. I.e. Smirnoff Ice
Man this vodka is Liquid Panty Remover at this party.
by JamesSauve August 29, 2005
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Alcoholic drink used by wossy guys who have no clue how to make a girl attracted to them, so they can have sex, and so have to resort to getting them drunk in order to take advantage of them.
wossy guy (to mate): I want to fuck that hottie, but i have no chance of pulling her unless she is pissed, so I am going to buy her lots of liguid panty remover, until she is too drunk to say no.
by orangefish August 11, 2005
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In the early to mid 1980's, Southern Comfort put up a few billboards (this was when alcoholic beverage companies & cigarette companies were still allowed to advertise on television, in magazines & on billboards... and, as I recall, it was less than twenty) in various places throughout the United States to test a new marketing strategy. (Viral marketing was not yet a thing but companies were constantly trying to hook the US consumer on a phrase or a jingle. Mcdonald's & Pepsi consistently had the most popular ads during this time.)

The billboard was quite simple. It had a bottle bottle of Southern Comfort to the right and the words "Liquid Panty Remover" (in brown letters, each word having its own line) to the left, all on a plain beige background.

Several women's movements were outraged and so they were (often) featured on the front page of newspapers and (sometimes) made the lead story on network news... all without showing the sign or even saying the words "Liquid Panty Remover." (This was a time when newspapers were still relevant and there were no 24 hour cable news stations since cable television was still in its infancy.)

After the uproar, Southern Comfort quickly took down all of the billboards and I think they moved that particular ad to men's magazines such as Playboy.
Man to Woman: "That is a hilarious billboard! Liquid Panty Remover! Ha!"

Woman to Man: "You're a disgusting pig... blah blah blah... BLAH! Are you even listening to me?"

Man to Himself because Woman has stormed off in a huff: "HaHaa...Liquid Panty Remover. Good stuff."
by rmx_ August 16, 2019
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Usually a sweet punch made with tequila, also gin or grain alcohol. Typical ingredients include Sprite and lemonade. As the name suggests, it's often served at parties as an attempt to get women naked.
Drink this and call me when you're ready.
by Bugsy July 20, 2005
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Southern Comfort. The best damn drink in the world, mix with Sprite, Sierra Mist, or Coca-Cola. Serve it to the ladies and within moments, she will tear those pink frilly granny panties off like they on fire.
Guy 1: Did you get lucky last night with that chick you met at the club?
Guy 2: Hell yeah. Liquid Panty Remover does it every time.
by axewound87 April 21, 2008
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