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The best Bamf-NWA who ever played the vibraphone.
He was one of the nicest jazz musicians ever, without the attitude of Miles Davis or arrogance. His sensitivity and finesse made him uniquely approachable and a great dude to hang out with. Trust me, I knew him.

He picked up Quincy Jones and gave him his start.

RIP Lionel, a great man and friend.
Lionel Hampton used to play the vibes with a smile.

He was a real charitable man, funding many housing projects.

He was a Republican, who was also a 33rd degree Freemason. What a bamf.

He could swat a bullet with the hammers he played his vibes with.

He was such a bamf on the vibes that after he had a stroke, he even continued to play.
by Qiote April 17, 2010
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