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Linden, Texas is a deadbeat town about two hundred miles out of Dallas, Texas. Linden has a population of about three thousand and does not have a lot to offer at all, but some people could find it very nice. Linden consists of a lot of pot-heads and elderly people, and the kids here hate it. Linden has a decent school district, consisting of an good athletic department, a okay academic department and a AMAZING marching/ concert band. Linden also is the home of the oldest still working courthouse and The Eagles lead singer Don Henley. Linden could be a great town to raise your kids in if you have a lot of will power to raise your kids right. A few people can block this out and make Linden a great town. If you are one of these, Linden is a great town for you. But you are probally not.
Do you see that empty town of dope-heads over there? Yeah, that must Linden, Texas.
by LK. <3 February 21, 2011
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