A generous, amazing, hot guy who will do anything for you. He is a romantic sweetheart and would take a bullet for you. Lincoln loves sports and acting.
Girl: Omg! Look, it's Lincoln!
Girl 2: He's so awesome!
by bobby_thete November 12, 2016
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Lincoln,MA a small town 20 minutes away from Boston. The town is so small everyone knows peoples business. Soccer is the sport everyone must play. Moms are stay at home moms who drive there SUV's or Volvos. The girls are all snobs and only wear the nicest clothes. The only school in town is k-8 and most kids end up going to some prestigious private school. The houses are huge, and your dad drives a really nice car and probably has several cars. We have 3 gas stations, a small grocery store, and art gallery, something special, and the whistle stop which is the coolest place to hang out when you have a half day. There is no crime so police break up parties and give out speeding tickets due to the speed limit is 20 mph in the town. Yes, Lincoln is really small and rich and probably the most boring town EVER!!!
Lincoln, a small town with farms and minimal street lights.
by Priv@te $ch00lchk March 23, 2006
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A mid sized town in cali next to sacramento full of rednecks, jesus freaks, illegal mexicans, and just general idiots. with nothing to do......um yeah.
me: i hate Lincoln

you: yeah
by Your God May 09, 2006
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Gentle and caring usually very trustworthy. Most if the time won't think twice about turning you in if it means they get out of trouble though. A sensitive person. Will never pass up the chance to be the center of attention!
A guy who's man enough to cry!?!

Yup that's Lincoln for you
by Fishinatankk March 09, 2017
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One whose fervor for artificial tanning results in a complexion resembling the copper shade of an American penny. This individual will spend at least 5-6 hours per week at a tanning salon, or gets a quick fix from carrot-colored self-tanning treatments.
All of that time in the tanning bed is turning her into a real Lincoln.
by S. Parrish January 26, 2006
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A hick town located 3 miles from the white trash racing capital of the world in Alabama. The police are crooked as they can possibly get.Twice a year we have every redneck, white trash Nascar loving hillbilly gather here for a great big drunkin hodown. Although if you are wearing a Dale Jr. shirt during this time you can get a piece from every woman that is there but it will take plenty of ointment to get rid of what she will leave you..The people here are two faced and will stab you in the back at the first chance they can get. If you live here and actually enjoy it then may God have mercy on your pathetic soul.If you are extremely lucky maybe one day a comet will pass by real close and strike the city and take it out of existence.Yes I live here but I will be out very soon.
Hey where do you live? I live in Lincoln,Alabama.. Oh damn sorry dude. Here take this 45 and put yourself out of misery...
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A person who is cheap and drunk all the time. He finds satisfaction in sitting around doing absolutely nothing but drinking beer. Boring and lifeless, adds nothing to the table.
#1 Wanna go out and have fun tonight?

#2 Na, I don't feel like doing anything

#1 Man you're such a Lincoln
by LLKOOLJAY February 03, 2010
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