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A Lil Wayne Attack is when someone suddenly feels the urge to listen to Lil Wayne profusely, to the annoyance of others. Often this person can be heard repeating verses of Lil Wayne song as the stroll though their day. Usually, people affected by this disorder tend to listen to older, less popular, Lil Wayne songs. Middle class, white, public school teens usually have Lil Wayne Attacks.
John rolls up pumping some Lil Wayne.

Rick: Dude, what the fuck. We need to seek some medical help for John's Lil Wayne Attack. It's getting a little out of hand.

Steve: Yeah dude, it's like the fourth day he has rolled up listen to Lil Wayne. If he doesn't stop reciting lyrics, I will revoke my friendship.
by Bedmaster2214 February 23, 2010
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