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The greatest rapper to hit SoundCloud since the site started. His stunning lyrical genius has lead to some career-defining masterpieces such as "Whippin Up" and the fire disstrack on Memeulous "Why You Talkin".
With his whopping 2.6k YouTube subscribers, he only has a few more subs to go until he has the entirety of Jake Paul's real subscribers moved to a new and much smarter idol, Lil Puro. No 'Best ... Songs' compilation is complete without Lil Puro.
Rolf: "Hey dude, wanna listen to some of Jake Pauls songs?"
Andrew: "Nah mate, Lil Puro's music is way better, come jam!"
*both listening*
Rolf: "This is fire, Lil Puro is the best."
by rosedogthicc June 11, 2018
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