An endearing term for a friendly competitor.
What's up Lil dude? You ready get whooped in Madden?
by phrasee January 5, 2010
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a person who he ugly ass hell and a person who should go fuck himself and hes a hoe
ewww ya'll see that lil ugly dude
by queens123 March 23, 2017
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the one guy that doesnt want to get out the sauna so you take your meat out and make him suck on it till you cum whilst repeatedly calling him lil dude
"get tf out the sauna lil dude"
"nah brotha im stayin in here"
"suck my dick lil dude"
"fuck you i aint suckin shit, oh brotha why you got yo meat out oguogugou"
"yeah suck on my shit lil dude. dont stop lil dude, suck on that shit till i cum lil dude"
by feet fei fool foul April 19, 2023
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