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A song from the musical RENT. The girl Mimi is asking the man Roger to light her candle. She keeps blowing it out so she can stay in his room for longer. Roger knows that Mimi is on drugs, as he recognizes the signs from when he was on drugs. Roger tells Mimi that her smile reminds him of his dead girlfriend. Mimi leaves, then comes back, saying that she dropped her drugs. Mimi bends down to look on the floor, then asks Roger if it's true that she has a nice butt. He is embarrassed, but says that she does. He then finds the drugs on the floor, but doesn't give it to her, instead putting it in is back pocket. Roger runs out of matches, but Mimi says that it's all right, as their eyes will adjust. She then asks Roger to dance, and takes the packet of drugs out of his pocket. She waves it in the air, teasing, then leaves.
Wha'd you forget?
Got a light?
I know you. You're- You're shivering!
It's nothing, they turned off my heat, and I'm just a little weak on my feet. Would you light my candle? What are you staring at?
Nothing. Your hair in the moonlight. You look familiar. Can you make it?
Just haven't eaten much today at least the room stopped spinning. Anyway... What?
Nothing. Your smile reminded me-
I always remind people of- Who is she?
She died. Her name was April.
It's out again. Sorry 'bout your friend. Would you light my candle?
Oh the wax, it's-
Dripping, I like it between my-
Fingers, I figured- Oh well. Good night.

by musicalsrcool April 26, 2009
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