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A truck that has had its suspension modified so that it rides way too far off the ground, usually to the point where the high center of gravity could actually be dangerous. Normally driven by someone who chews dip, starts fights, and has an extremely tiny penis.
My lifted truck has straight pipes and rolls coal, but my dick is still two inches hard. What in tarnation?
by mayanaze February 21, 2017
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A pickup truck or SUV whose suspension has been modified to jack it up. It is fitted with big off-road tires, usually mounted on expensive, tough-looking wheels. Often the engine is modified or replaced both to:

a) increase performance, and
b) make more noise.

Often they are adorned with gaudy decals for motorsports brands, heavy metal groups, or generic stuff like Tapout or SKIN.

Commonly lifted vehicles include most pickups and large SUVs, especially the Ford Excursion. Any vehicle designed for off-road use, however, can be lifted.

Theoretically this is to increase off-road performance, although the higher center of gravity would likely make them more likely to roll over on rough terrain. They never have a single scratch on their beautiful paint jobs anyway and are usually seen on the highway next to Corollas and Civics.

They guzzle gas like no other due to the higher aerodynamic profile, the big engine and the knobby tires. They also obstruct visibility on the highway. The point of these vehicles seems mostly to project an obnoxiously aggressive attitude over all other drivers. They are especially popular in the Inland Empire for this reason. One cannot live in the 909, or anywhere in SoCal, without seeing them every mile or so on the freeway.
"Did you see Michael's lifted truck?"

"Yeah, pretty sick man. I wish I had 12,000 to blow on mods."
by Spinningtabletop February 02, 2009
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Guys lift there trucks to show there penis size. The bigger the lift the smaller there penis is
just drove by a lifted truck with a 6 inch lift on it, he has a small dick
by TruthTeller10656 June 03, 2016
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.....................I have seen that the current definitions are wrong here is what you need to know about LIFTED TRUCKS........................

A large suv or more often truck that has had longer suspension components nailed on it to increase ground clearance. In reality if you go through all the trouble of lifting your truck you will also spend most of you paycheck on other parts to put on it. Large tires, smoke stacks, custom paint jobs, longer towing style mirrors, shiny headlights, and accent lighting are common. The charisma of this kind of masterpiece is not appreciated in most cities, europe, the west coast, and really anywhere except rural America and some parts of Australia. In it's natural habitat the Lifted truck is most often seen Rollin' Coal, Mudding, and generally attracting many admirers.

It should be noted that Lifted Trucks do have their drawbacks.
*Fuel economy (I hope you don't like penguins)
*5th wheel or gooseneck hitch (they just won't reach)
*Bumper hitch (You will need special parts to make it reach)

Natural enimies: Ricers, Environmentalists
Urbanite: Hey this is a real racing car, It is way faster than your Lifted Truck
Truck owner: Sure, race you accost the cornfield.
by Pab98 May 14, 2013
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Transportation for classless, poor, redneck white trash seen in the Southern and Mid-Western United States (the fly-over states).

A lifted truck has its suspension raised and may have its engine modified to be louder, creating a true white trash experience.

Lifted trucks are never seen in New England, the New York area, the Miami area, or Hollywood. Driving such a mess would be grounds for ridicule and a reminder that the driver is a low-class yokel redneck from the uncultured fly-over states.
Redneck guy: Yeehaw! Just got me a lifted truck! Get 'er done, yall!

New Yorker woman 1: Ewww. What is that?

New Yorker woman 2: It's a redneck. Just keep walking.
by porsche911 September 20, 2011
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Sexy trucks like Chevrolet Z71s or Ford -250s kids jack up to get attention. Works great and gets you a ton of pussy but in turn f*cks up your gears!
Me: Dude I got a skyjacker 6" inch lift for my Silverado, damn that thing looks sexy!

Katie: Hell yeah!

Lifted Trucks
by iBJocking January 30, 2012
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