Whilst the woman is bent over getting piped in the ass the male stands up straight raising his right arm int the air and during this sex move the male must be wearing a roman toga and be holding the bible
Guy 1: Me and sarah tried to do the statue of liberty last night
Guy 2: SO DID WE!!!!!
by JEWSUS CHRIS April 18, 2018
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In the Navy and Marines, time off work and off the ship or station is called 'liberty.' When they have a blood drive, one incentive is they give you a mess hall pass that entitles you to a prime steak dinner and then the rest of the day off, where you get to go ashore. You get liberty in exchange for blood.
"Hey, Joe, you going ashore tomorrow?"

"Yup, they're having a blood drive. I'm gonna get vampire liberty."
"Yeah? Count me in!"
by zhrona January 11, 2020
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When your second toe is longer than your big toe
Colm has toe liberty.
by ColmHayden January 12, 2018
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Unbridled greed.
I exercised my economic liberty at Ampad when I worked at Bain.
by BainDrainsYouDry January 12, 2012
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