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The worst place on Earth. Has about a million trailer parks. People here start getting pregnant at about the age of 13. The girls here LOVE to post about their drama on facebook. (which most of them can't even spell.) A big part of the middle and high schoolers try to act all ghetto. Everyone here wants to get out of this hellhole as soon as they can. There is absolutely nothing to do. The rednecks think of WalMart as the mall. They think the best mexican food is Mas Amigos. The people are rude as crap and trashy although they try to deny they're not. The accents some people have here are terrible. But there are also some nice, classy people. The people LOVE to swim in the nasty Trinity River (which is completely brown) which is stupid because of the undertoe in the water. There's only about 8,000 people. The nearby towns are Dayton, which is... meh, basically like liberty. Theres Hardin, which is even more.. uhm.. redneck-ish than Liberty. THERE'S ONLY 800 PEOPLE WHO LIVE THERE. Basically, if you have an opportunity to get out of liberty, SAY YES!
girl talking about her problems on facebook: lyk omg im soo shad he bwoke ^ wit meh :( (like omg im so sad he broke up with me)
wannabe ghetto girl: ghurrll he luuuky he dint git slaptt acros da faays 4 brakeing up wit me! giiiirl i will huuurt him! (girl he's lucky he didn't get slapped across the face for breaking up with me! girl i will cut him!)
trashy 14 year old girl: omg why do people think im trashy just cuz i'm pregnant and live in a trailer? by the way me and my brother are gettin' married in the walmarts parkin' lot next saturday! (satur-dee)

redneck: Hey babe after we finish watchin' nascar let's go swim in the trinity river! we don't even have to watch the kids! this is a great idea!!
^most of the people in liberty, texas
by Hi Im Pauly D April 26, 2011
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1. A place where there is nothing to do but go to Wal-Mart.

2. A place where everybody knows everybody and drama gets around VERY fast.

3. Hell on Earth.
Person 1 - "Man theres nothing to do...and im bored. This really sucks!"

Person 2 - "Well what do you expect? We live in Liberty, Texas."
by Jonathon3883 March 18, 2011
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