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The paranoid, pro government and anti liberty leftist hate culture which regards conservatives or anyone who loves America, God and their nation as bad. The far Left evil liberal hate culture do their bidding in order to make America look bad in favor of the Leftist anti American/Christian perspectives.

The liberal hate culture works to besiege and destroy the traditions which made America great such as hard work, less government, the belief in the Church and God, the Armed Forces Fighting Spirit which made America and continues to keep America safe, good public schools and proper moral upbringing of boys and girls.

They use the liberal media to cast these anti American and anti family evil deeds. These sick individuals were responsible for the destruction of the Morales in America via the 1950s - 1960s. They help usher in lesbianism and gay life styles, more rights for convicted felons, hate of the Bible, the American court system, hate of the American military, increase racist output from minority racial groups, increase of porn, the destruction of the public school and the job market with anti God socialist/atheist agenda.
The liberal hate culture attacked the church members once more hollering that God is NOT real.

The lesbian feminists of the liberal hate culture attacked traditional marriages because women could not openly get married.
by American Patriot 1776 February 08, 2010
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