Liana is a gorgeous girl, who doesnt see it herself. She is very helpful in many situations and she is very trust worthy.

She has beautiful eyes and a super cute smile. She's very lovable and you should cherish her forever.
If you know someone that's similar to the person describe above; you can say "wow! That girl is such a Liana"
by Valereee November 20, 2019
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The funniest friend you will ever get also a friend that would stay beside you no matter what.
by Lianaisstinky July 07, 2021
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A total drama started who is full of herself and she may be pretty but she is somebody untrustworthy
Girl 1: Omg liana just spread rumors about me I was nothing but nice to her!

Girl 2: I told you not to trust her.
by jules.fur June 30, 2019
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