A Liana is one of the most beautiful girls you'll ever meet. She is down to Earth, but knows how to have a good time. She is a true friend who people admire. Liana's are usually short with long hair. Either black or brown. They ALWAYS have nice, big and juicy booties, which is why so many guys are attracted to Liana(s). They have multiple bestfriends because they get along with everyone. If you're a girl, it is your lifetime goal to become a Liana.
I wish i had Liana's hair.

God, did you see Liana's ass in that bikini ?

I wonder who the lucky guy will be to take her Vcard ?
by TheBlindOwl December 27, 2011
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Liana is awsome if you mess with her i swear to god i will kik your face in so bad you will go flying to china where u will meet levi thaung and he will punch you in the flipping face
Hey did you see that girl liana she is realy emo and nice!
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A Liana is a pretty-- though not very bright-- girl. She is funny, creative and all sorts of things. Mistaken for a slut, a Liana is a well-known and liked by many people and they consistently make you do things that you may or may not want to do with their charismatic voice. Any person is lucky to have her as a friend or girlfriend.
Person 1: Who's she?
Person 2: That's Liana.
Person 1: Isn't she a slut?
Person 2: No ways, she's like the opposite.
by A and then another A November 13, 2012
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a beautiful girl, amazingly nice and caring. shes the sweetest girl, and a lovley bestfriend
see that girl, shes so liana, get to know her
by meow;3 August 06, 2011
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Liana is a very loving and caring girl. Everyone wants Liana. She is the best friend or girlfriend you could ever have. She is beautiful, very funny, brilliant, and motherly. Liana is a girl every boy and every girl wants. One look at her and you can't get her smile out of your head. Liana is very charming and sweet, but can be very mean if you mess with someone she loves. Liana always feels the need to please others instead of herself. She is often mistaken is quiet or slutty, but she is very outgoing or loud, and is the opposite of slutty. She has trust-issues so if she opens up to you, just know that your special. Liana is an amazing listener and will be there for you no matter what. Most Liana's have amazing hair. A lot of people want to be her because she is kind, beautiful, smart, funny, and caring. If you see a Liana, either her eyes, voice, hair, or smile will have you obsessed. You would be lucky to meet a Liana and be friends with her or date her. If you meet a Liana, never let her go.
"Who is that girl with the gorgeous smile?"
"That's Liana, shes the perfect girl. Everyone wants her"
"I want a Liana"
"I want a Liana to, mate"
"Her eyes are gorgeous"
"I know"
by VA18 June 10, 2019
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One of the nicest people ever. Lianas are so sweet and kind hearted! They are gorgeous and absolutely lovely <3
Liana <3 xxx
by bukkabukkafunny September 16, 2010
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Liana is a girl who loves her pet blobfish. Her friend Roman named it blobby. She loves Roman so much. She enjoys saying mcr is trash. She also eats babies.
β€œWoah, Liana totally just ate that baby.”

β€œLiana just kissed Roman!”
by Animeweebotakutrash May 30, 2019
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