a beautiful girl, amazingly nice and caring. shes the sweetest girl, and a lovley bestfriend
see that girl, shes so liana, get to know her
by meow;3 August 06, 2011
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Liana is a girl who always thinks she's shy but is quite outgoing when you get to meet her. She thinks she's unattractive but lots say she's really good looking. She's insusicure about things she can't change. She is one of the best people to talk and rant to she always is up for a nice chat. Liana's are some of the best friends you will ever have. There nice , sweet, and up for a challenge
Girl 1 : I hope Liana thinks she is not ugly cuz she's so pretty

Girl 2: Liana is my best friend I love her and will always think she's the best friend

#smart #sweet #bestfriend
by Theonewhothinks July 22, 2017
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One of the nicest people ever. Lianas are so sweet and kind hearted! They are gorgeous and absolutely lovely <3
Liana <3 xxx
by bukkabukkafunny September 16, 2010
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Liana means a lot. Liana is a very rare jewel indeed. An intelligent person, yet so much fun to be with. A heart of gold. Always ready to help out, but yet always reluctant to ask for help. A very delicate person, with a very strong personality. Although too modest to be sure of herself, a Liana has a strong sense of sensuality which comes out naturally. With Liana, you will certainly experience some good innocent silly fun! If you are fortunate enough to know Liana, you will know that although very scared to admit a Liana knows how to love, and in turn needs to be loved like a lady truly deserves to be loved and appreciated. What else can be said apart from the fact that the best are named Liana?
by PHDLI November 19, 2009
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an awesome girl!!!!! who is very laid back and a sweet heart. she doesnt care what other people think about her and a driven women.
hottie sexy Liana
boner giverlilicrazel
by jonne391 February 24, 2009
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A beautiful girl who's makes her mommy very happy. She is smart and funny and will grow up to be someone extraordinary.
"Did you see Sara's lil Liana? She is so cute"
by Liana's proud mommy February 02, 2010
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Is a cold hearted bitch that cares about herself and is being a wannabe slut.
"Did you hear about Gavin's girl?"

"Yeah she Liana'ed him last last night."

"What a bitch!"
by WCplaya April 05, 2009
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