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Lexington, VA is a small town in southwestern Virginia. It basically survives because of it's historical background and the two schools there : Washington and Lee University and Virinia Military Institute.
W&L is a small, prestegious liberal arts school that boasts a remarkably homegenous student body which is overwhelmingly white, middle to upper class, polo-short-popped-collar wearing preps. Stores such as Pumpkinseeds and Alvin-Dennis survive BECAUSE the W&L students are there to buy their designer clothes.
VMI is home to the poor "veemies" who have horrible rules and curfews to live by and can only watch in longing as hundreds of w&l students skip between cocktail and frat parties, and comme home shwaysted at any hour of the day/night.
"Townies" are everyone else. They are often wierd.
This party sux, I wish it was more like the parties in Lexington, va !
by lovergirl March 20, 2006
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A small town of about 7,800 people in western Virginia with two universities a river and a few cops to patrol it all. This city boasts the second to highest property value in all of Virginia. A normal 2 bedroom, half bathroom house would cost you 450,000$(no joke). The reason for this is that it is a hisotrical place where Confederate General Robert E Lee founded Washington and Lee University and General Stonewall Jackson went to VMI, and other stupid historical crap as well as a pretty "view". Anyway, the cops are extremely loose and you can get away with most anything. Everyone in this town is either a liberal, a redneck, white trash, a gangsta(there are gangsters, too), or a college student.
person a:"Theres no way Todd is coming to the party"
person b:"he might if he pulls a lexington,va"
by heinrich p blickitsmann June 03, 2005
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