A city that wraps a good arts and music scene, college basketball, great restaurants and bars, horse racing and bourbon into a charming southern package.
Lexington, Ky. has a lot of hipsters, but the Old South feel is still strong.
by aalliissssoonn March 12, 2006
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a Metropolitian city in kentucky... that is home to the best basketball in the Colligeate level...this place is also under rated but its well praised in the south
by DIRTY SOUTH\'s FINEST July 30, 2003
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Lexington is gay....LOUISVILLE is better.
Go Cards
To live in Lexington is like Pulling off your Pubic Hairs One by One with tweezers. Yea it sucks that bad!!!
by UofL June 1, 2005
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Home of an ancient race of superbeings that, judging from the skeletons found in the area's ancient and mysterious Indian Mounds, were 7 to 8 feet tall. This race has connections to the Mayans and some believe were off-planet/human hybrids.

Indian Mounds were once scattered throughout the entire region that is now known as Lexington, KY. No one is quite sure of the origins of those who built the Mounds. They preceded the more kwown Native American tribes. Modern researchers have simply called them the Mound Builders. Other relics found in the Mounds have connections to Egyptian embalming techniques. Early settlers found altars, catacombs and mummies deep in the caves beneath Lexington. This is little known information found buried in old books at the Univerity of KY and Transy reference rooms.

The downtown area of Lexington held a concentration of these Mounds. Mounds still remaining around the area have what mystics call "portal energy". The energy is now being manipulated by the continued development of the Bluegrass area and the demolition of the city's oldest area.
Buried ancient civilation underneath Lexington, KY
by Enkara Rah February 12, 2009
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Literally just a worse version of Louisville.
Person 1: Hey, I was just wondering if you wanted to go on a trip to Lexington with me.
Person 2: You mean Lexington, KY??? Lmao why not just go to Louisville instead? There is so much more to do there.
Person 1: Oh shit your right... Well, lets go to Louisville then!
by TheActualSky March 16, 2020
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