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Lexington High School, also known as LHS, is a public high school in historical and overpriced Lexington, Massachusetts. It is known for its oustanding education, but also for the unusual high levels of stress. Some public schools, like UMass, and even some private schools, are easier than LHS. Many students fall into the traps of overburdening themselves with Honor and AP level classes, varsity sports, and all sorts of clubs. Even with all of its amazing awards, their football team sucks. They don't even have homecoming. A lot of the sterotypes are reversed here. The cheerleaders are kinda homely. A lot of the track runners are smart. The nerds don't get shoved into lockers, etc. Except a lot of people make fun of the "tree kids" or the Goths. GSA is very popular, too. And for some reason, a good portion of the student population don't judge the potsmokers, also known as the "corner kids". The school also allows upperclassmen to go off campus, during their "free blocks". Ironically, the people who are taking all honors and AP don't go off campus and instead go to the library. House parties for LHS students can range from casual to all out. Drinking and drugs are sometimes involved too.
While his GPA could be a 4.0 at any other school, Alex's GPA is only a 3.33 at Lexington High School.
by Eisforexcellent October 03, 2010
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a public high school in Lexington, MA. often referred to as the "Harvard of the Public Schools" because of its vigourous academics, consistency in turning out graduates who go to ivy league schools, and the fact that a lot of the students are children of professors at the Boston-area colleges (i.e Harvard.) Walking down the halls is like a northface catelog, with a few scattered pot smokers and GSA members with dyed hair. There is also a very large Asian population, a large portion of which sit in commons 2, the second cafeteria that all the super smart/instrument playing kids sit in. Everyone is secretly jealous of them because of their mad skills. Ocapella kids are pretty popular the soccer team is way more glorified than the football team, which as seen as kind of a joke. to be fair to the members of the team, the football field doesn't even have lights. Most kids dont get enough sleep, and every teacher thinks they are the only teacher the kids have, and therefore give a shitton of homework. It is a good place to go to school if you are an insomniac who loves homework and hasn't seen Friday night lights.
person 1: Do you think we should invite Dave to the patriots game?
person 2: nah. he goes to Lexington High school, so he doesn't know what football is, and will probably bring his physics flash cards and try to quiz us inbetween plays.
person 1: good call
by superkewlaznguy November 19, 2011
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A public high school in Lexington, South Carolina, also know as L-Town. This place has kids with kids that park their obnoxiously loud trucks on truck row, where mommy and daddy buy their daughters brand new luxury cars, oh don’t forget that their parents call and complain to the school to kick you out of a school pageant, a place where the baseball coach doesn’t even consider you in tryouts and already has his team picked out, a place that only cares about the scores you make and doesn’t let you do anything fun, a place where the dress code is absolutely ridiculous, don’t forget they won’t let you sit in your cars before school. Remember the Cheetos? A place where our cheerleaders have bleach blonde hair and carrot orange skin. If your family doesn’t have money don’t even think you’ll be relevant in this hell hole. Don’t even think you can walk around the school without having an electronic pass or you’ll be written up. This school could give 2 shits about your mental well being and makes high school hell. Don’t even bother bringing your kids here.
Wow I can’t believe Lexington high school lost to river bluff
by Blondebadbishhhhh February 15, 2019
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