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The most fantastic and wonderful being you'll ever meet. She has a lovely smile and an angelic voice and she'll make you fall.. Hard. When coming across a Lexi Lynn try to keep a few things in mind.

1. She has many people fawning over her so don't assume she wants you.

2. If she takes a chance and says yes to you, serenade her every chance you get and make sure she can plainly see your undying love and admiration.
3. She's a bit promiscuous and deadly, more so than cancer. You've been warned bro.
4. Never let her go.
"Wow, she's perfect."
"That must be Lexi Lynn."
"Now I can die with a full and happy life because now.. now, I have seen perfection."
"I think I just fell in love."
Yeah, that's definitely a Lexi Lynn
by BringMeTheSouls February 06, 2014
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