American singer and songwriter born in Colorado, raised in Texas, and lived in England. Amazing guy who rebels against the current music industry by doing all his own shit. Hottest singer alive, recently released his latest album "You Are Never Close To Home, You Are Never Far From Home". Toured with Imogen Heap in 2006.
Damn, Levi Weaver can't possibly be married!
by kremlinmirrors June 22, 2009
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Daddy material.

Mr clean.
5'2 but it do not matter.
Loves to beat up angry teenagers.
Person 1: 'Did you see Levi today?'
Person 2: 'Yeah. He's hot asf'
Person 1: 'And super daddy material'

Levi Ackerman: Humanity's strongest soldier.
by leviscumbiscuit November 10, 2020
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Mason Levi love to be probed and he lives on the moon with his emo friends, such as James Anthony, Colleen Kelly.
I can’t belive you’re such a Mason Levi
by breadfulgrace January 30, 2019
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hot 39-year-old DADDY
Levi Ackerman is my favorite aot character.
Mines Armin
by Arminsbabymomma September 25, 2020
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A Eugene Levy can be performed after one has anal sex. Take your penis after insertion (with poop on the end of it) and rub said waste onto your partner's eyebrows. This will cause the brows to look fuller and thicker, like actor Eugene Levy.
"How far did you guys go?"
"Lets just say, I gave her a Eugene Levy"
"Thats unattractive"
by fanny22 March 29, 2010
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