Levi Loud is a character who appeared in an episode of the Nickelodeon show “The Loud House.” Levi appeared in S1E23A “One of the Boys.” He is the male version of Lisa Loud, and is the second youngest of the genderbent Loud children at 4 years old. He has, short, brown hair, a white lab coat, pink pants, green gloves, brown shoes, and glasses.
Levi Loud is a scientist!
by Hotgirl_937 November 06, 2018
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While standing in line pull your dick out and put it in the back pocket of the person in front of you and then asking them for a dollar. When they reach back for their wallet they get a handful, or fingerfull, of penis and you get a handy j but probably not the dollar.
Jack was tired of standing in line at the dmv so he gave the person in front of him the lucky levi.
by Lean Gus September 13, 2011
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a man who comments under EVERY YAOI VIDEO on yt.
his pfp is levi shrekerman
Levi Shrekerman: Shrekerman
Comments: OMG !!!! I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE !!!!
by ugh poopie ig March 02, 2021
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Hot ass dude that’s in his mid 30s with a sad pass.

Loves to clean and loves amazing No matter what he does.

Loves to beat the shit out of people (Expecally teens)

For some reason some people call him daddy. 🤢
OMG!!!! Have you seen blah blah blah of AOT?!?! Levi Ackerman is so hot in that one seen!
by OnlineAnimeFreak March 24, 2018
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One of, if not THE BEST, reggae artists/crooners to date. Many of his songs are sampled or remixed by more modern reggae artists. Apparently he's still pretty big in England, but for some reason America hasn't caught on as much.
Check out "Vice Versa Love", "Murderer", "Under Mi Sensi", or "Dangerous", and you'll be hooked.
"Afta mi stand round vol-ca-no sound and a burn mi ganja pipe, Babylon come an tell mi dat nuh right." -Barrington Levy
by ghetto youth July 10, 2006
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A really fucking short lil shit who has no emotion and loves to clean.
Levi Ackerman is a real buzzkill.
by aRandomPotato69 December 20, 2015
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