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Year after year in the Big East mens basketball tournament gamblers frequently are perplexed by the outcomes of the some of the games. A simple theory can be followed to help you handicap the games in the tournament -- pick the team with the most relevant player(s) from New York City. This theory is derived from Levance Fields, a point guard on the Pittsburgh Panthers basketball team who led his team to a Big East Championship in 2008. He grew up in Brooklyn, NY and played at Xaverian High School and hit big shot after big shot to lead Pitt to a Big East Crown.
In 2011, Kemba Walker from the Bronx, New York led Connecticut to a Big East Title by winning 5 games in 5 days. Kemba was the most relevant player in the Big East Tournament and led his team to not only 5 straight victories but also 5 straight wins against the spread thus proving the Levance Fields Theory of the Big East Tournament.
by Unitcrusher6000 March 13, 2011
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