A comment mainly said by women but can also be used by men. Meaning the person you are wanting to be in a relationship with is not ready and or doesn't like you in that way. Such as;

You: I like you, please will you be my insert partner
Them: oh sorry I think we should just be friend's

Sometimes it can be ment in a mean way so people often misunderstand the use of this phrase. But it will mostly be used as a way for a person to be let down without trying to hurt their feelings. Because if it's sincere then a person likes you but maybe not in the way you interpreted it. So what it means;
You: I want to go out with you
Them: let's just be friend's

What it actually means:

You: I have emotion
Them: right now is not a good time

Them: I'm sorry I don't like you in that way


Them: we have clashing personalities so I don't think we would work well being together

Them: I love someone else and am waiting for them

Them: Your my friend I don't want to affect our friendship.
by NeonDetonation May 21, 2019
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What a girl says to you when she'd rather be with an asshole who will use her, abuse her, and eventually break her heart, even though she knows that you would never do those things to her.

When a girl says to you, "let's just be friends", that's like your mom telling you, "the dog died, but you can still keep it if you want to."
You: I love you! :)
Wench: Let's just be friends..
You: Gee thanks, couldn't you have pushed me off a two-story building, or shot me? It would have hurt less. :(
by VonZippa May 30, 2005
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Real meaning: "I'll talk to you for about a day after our break up, but that's it."
by Arkay September 25, 2003
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Basically the way someone will break up with you if they are trying put it nicely (see euphemism). The word "just" is the word that hurts. It's like saying, "Let's never go further than being friends. Never." Take out the "just" and it doesn't seem so bad, right?
"Hey Paul, I really like you, let's just be friends." Ehh, this doesn't work.. There has to be a "but" in there.

"Hey Paul, I really like you, but let's just be friends." Perrrfect. That one hurts more than a freight train.
by Wolfin_ May 9, 2006
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This is an age old line, which women use to "gently" let down a man that has shown a romantic interest in her.

Women believe that this is a nice way of saying "No". In reality it is a horrible way, because it isn't honest and it generally doesn't come with any explanation. Any guy with a decent head on his shoulders can see right through this deception.

It is also generally a lie. Women know that it would be extremely uncomfortable for a man that just got shot down to continue to be around them.

It is therefore, a generally safe rejection line, as very few unwanted men will ever respond with:

"Golly Gee, Can I please hang out with you and all your friends, all of whom know about this entire situation?? That sounds wonderful!! I'm sure we will have just the most fun and be the best BFF's ever!!!"

Also, it makes it seem as if the man is a jerk for rejecting this ridiculous "friend" compromise,(when she so nicely offered to keep letting him hang around her and be constantly reminded of what he can't have) and further justifies in the woman's mind her reasons for saying it in the first place!
"Let's just be friends."

or "I am only interested in friendship at the moment."

or "I'm sorry, I'm just not attracted to you."..........

Wait, THAT one would actually be a welcome one! It might actually be honest!

Seen all around the dating world. There is no further example needed. You or someone you know has been affected by this phenomena. Speak to your local sheriff about serving in your community LGBF watch.

Remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires!
by Collin Avery April 17, 2008
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You aren't enough of an asshole for me to show interest in you, as I'd rather be treated like shit by men whose IQs rival my shower drain than actually give you the time of day.

You see, if I carefully thought about the things I really want in a relationship (and indeed the very things that I tell you that I want), rest assured you would be off the charts! But I learned at an early age to completely misrepresent everything I really want just to see you writhe in emotional agony, so that I know I have you completely under my power.

So instead of actually pursuing a relationship with you which likely has a great chance of success, I'd rather try to pursue some dick who is lacking even the most basic level of moral decency and whom I could never possibly maintain a friendship with, let alone a serious relationship! But gee, I'd sure like for you to stick around so I can have someone to confide in when he treats me miserably without ever having to actually reciprocate anything you are feeling.

And besides, are you really "feeling" anything in the first place? I thought that men didn't have emotions. Whatever; even if you say you do I'm just going to discredit and invalidate everything you feel because it's clearly less important than my drive to conquer and tame that asshole at the bar who just told me to blow him while his buddy fucks me from behind. What a dick! Although he is kind of cute, his buddy too...

Oh, you're still here?
You: We have just about everything in common, we hang out all the time, I enjoy your company and you admit to enjoying mine; I think we should take things to the next level. Wanna date?
Her: Let's just be friends.
by anonymous522 July 23, 2008
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