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Formerly an all girls school with a dry campus in the very liberal community of Cambridge, MA. Lesley University has several schools under it including Lesley College and the Art Institute of Boston.

This year the school became coed and furthered drawing a huge divide between the Art Institute of Boston students, the Lesley girls, and the Lesley basketball boys. In addition, there is no longer a dry campus and drinking is allowed in dorms of students who are 21+ and served at school functions to 21+ students.
"I can't believe Lesley University is coed now. I came here to learn and not be distracted by boys!" -Lesley girl

"I can't believe we have to be around these Lesley University girls all the time. They think they are so much better than us." - AIB student

"Dude, look at all the chicks at Lesley University. I'm going to get trashed and bone every one of em." -Basketball boy
by Ninjabot December 09, 2005
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