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A sexual intercourse between two females.

Warning: The description below may make you horny. You may masturbate to it if you wish.
I came home yesterday and saw my girlfriend sitting there. She was asleep. She woke up when I sat down and said" Hey, babe." Then she walked over to the CD stand and got something. Then I hear " Ohh, ughnnn, yessss, OHHHH RIGHT THERE YEAH,YEAH!!!" Caitlyn immediatly threw off her clothes and started Masturbating. I immediatly went to get my viberator and hers, and I threw of my clothes. I pressed the button, and viberating pulses went off. I already knew where to put it. I put it right on my clitt, and she said" We'll need these later..." She then took mine away, and began licking my pussy with grat movements. I did hers. We did it alllllllll night ;) It was the best lesbo sex we had all year.
by cumdrinker0102030405 October 22, 2011
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