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one of the greatest youtube shows of all time. Leo & Satan is a comedy cartoon where the protagonist Leo gets into little shananigans with his special buddy Satan.

One episode has Leo run out of sugar for his pancakes, so him and satan purchase some "sugar" (actually cocain) from an "exposed entrepuener" (a hobo drug dealer) the pair get super messed up on cocain and end up on an island while satan is destroying the city. Satan loves socks, and whenever Leo doesnt feel like wearing socks, Satan will get super pissed.
"Hey lil boi, put them socks on ye feet to keep yous warm for de winters"
"what?....what are you saying man?"
"dude, im quoting Leo & Satan!"
"ohhh, i fucking love that show! hahhaa"
by andygta4 February 04, 2012
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