Lennon is the best person you’ll ever meet and the most hottest. Any girl would be lucky to have him and any girl that doesn’t is jealous of the girl who does. He is the funniest boy you’ll ever meet and has a great personality. His best feature is his freackles,Eyelashes,Smile and eyes
Look at that girl who’s with lennon I wish I was her
by User54 October 6, 2018
The guy in your school that's a potential school shooter. Don't get on his bad side.
Oh someone brought in a gun?
Fucking Lennon
by Ilikepussyonmydick101 February 11, 2020
Lennon is usually someone smart, loyal and loves try things new, Lennon’s always have ideas people can agree with
I like Lennon
by Loopydrmcdonald August 29, 2018
Lennon is the sexiest man ever ... like hes so good looking that he puts chris hemsworth to shame . Hes so so so funny and charming and every gurl should go out with him Especially lennon coates who is like a new breed of good looking and funny .
Lennon is so good looking and everyone should ask him out on snapchat right now 😂
by Lennon coates November 8, 2019
King of the Hippies!

Someone is a Lennon - he is more than just a hippie, he is behaving like King Of The Hippies!
Winston is so relaxed right now - he is behaving like a Lennon...
by WaZza 007 April 19, 2011
The title of one who is of the male gender and is of mostly Mexican decent with bits of various European countries and some unrecalled Native American tribe. A Lennon epitomizes one that is quiet in nature, but can be better defined as mysterious and intriguing. Lennon's usually inhabit the mountain regions, although the slight willingness to share their amazing and intense personalities bring them to the lower areas. Although Lennon's can be misunderstood, they have a big heart and will provide transportation, swerve to miss hitting stray cats, and won't mind trying to find an open fast food restaurant at 12 in the morning. Truly, Lennon's are one of the most ammmmmazing people one could ever hope to meet.

The name Lennon is of Irish decent and means "Dear One".
Which further constitutes the idea that having a Lennon is an act that should be cherished and eulogized.
1. Lennon has always interested me, but his aloof manner made me assume he wouldn't like me.
2. Diandra could never be as fascinating as Lennon.
by Diandra R. April 1, 2008