Jizz that's dried out and hardened on a shower floor.
Shira swore she'd never shower second again after almost stepping on the Legos in the shower.
by Puntmuffer October 25, 2017
To make a Lego hand to choke someone
Amy Lego handed Ethan
Amy is a mean Lego hander
by Ethan D'Souza April 12, 2021
An insult for someone who can't put the pieces together.

Someone who is stupid.
by Th3realdookieman November 22, 2020
Someone with a abnormally large, blocky butt. Usually lumpy.
Girl 1: Look at her butt!
Girl 2: She has a total Lego bottom
by an0nym0usUs3r November 13, 2020
Chester's Diva stadium! The biggest shithole in the football league!
"We are playing Jester pity next"

"Where is it the Lego ground?"
by Josh_Wrexham_Legend October 23, 2007
Daughter: Dad, I think my lego's made a mess of my Dollhouse!

Mom: No silly you did that, legos don't have brains, right sweetie?

Dad: At least if they aren't Drunk lego's.
by burgerkingassletuce December 5, 2019