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A car, usually owned by a chav/pikey which has been crashed by its owner's idiocy, resulting in part of the body having to be replaced. Unfortunately for the pikey, the rotting vehicle has long been discontinued and parts for the car are scarcely available. The result is that the chav eventually settles for a totally different coloured car part to the rest of the car. Hence the car looks similar to a lego car which has been built by a deprived child who lacks a sufficient amount of same coloured bricks.
Chav: Aw bruv! Wuyyoo meen da XR3's bin discontinued?
Ford: We no longer manufacturer that vehicle, or any of it's parts. We're abandoning you as a customer.
Chav: Aw man. Watch! All my matez is gonna be sayin i has a lego car now when i has tah buy a part off eBayz.
by scribbull January 06, 2008
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