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A relationship between two men when they realize they are Bucephalus and the Alexander made manifest. Living embodiment of a twin soul who realize that they are each other's shadow who cannot go forward in life, being at the end of their rope, having reached their limit, finding solace, fidelity, and mutual respect, admiration and cooperation. The homoerotic as harmonious accord to by-pass realized limitations to their psyche and self-perceptions, becoming better than they were. Iron sharpening iron
Needing a "Leg up on the competition," they decided to join forces, realizing then, in that moment that they had become stronger together, a force of nature- that which brings reckoning; inner transformation by merging with another being.

Leg refers to a male's penile member after the mind has been properly and compassionately linked, usually following an epiphany thru mutual reciprocity and respectful attitudes from two men who realize they are equals that makes the man feel at ease with himself and the universe , leading to arousal and ending in an erection and full mast: a leg up so to speak
by BAnth0s January 04, 2018
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