the best person ever, you are so lucky to come across someone called lee they are very handsome,funny and goofy, very lucky to ever date but also overthink a lot
friend: are you dating lee
me: yes
friend: wow your so lucky
by RoryHarley January 11, 2021
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the best person in the whole world, they are the best person to ever fall in love with and you are so lucky to date someone called lee, they are very funny and goofy but in a cute way
friend: wow are you dating lee

me: yeah im so lucky
by RoryHarley January 11, 2021
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Drunk, lonely, can barely make it past the back without going oh wow!
Oh, you're such a lee, full of confidence, yet always drunk on fosters
by Amazingperson14 October 13, 2020
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Loyal, huge hearted, funny, romantic, honest, loving, will do anything for you, strong, smart, sexy, beast of a man.he doesn't cheat, or beat his girl up, always doing his best to build her up, helping her obtain her independence, self esteem, making her a better person everyday than she was the day before. Wants what is best.

Has been through hell in his life many times, so good luck trying to break him. Hes already been there before. In a much darker shade than you can ever imagine. He is the storm. He has his own demons he battles day in and day out. So anything anyone else throws at him is nothing. Hes very grounded, stable person. Doesnt let his anger take over control of his actions. He can seem cold and distant. Which is true, because of his time in his own darkness. Many years. But he is also a very loving caring and warm person. Bringing light to the worlds darkest corners and persons.

Betray his trust and you'll never get it back no matter what you try. You are a ghost to him. Hes a great friend, youll never have a friend like him again. Be honest, loyal, respectful and genuine with him. He can understand just about any situation and will go through any circumstance with you. Or He will figure it out on his own too if he is single, he doesnt have to have a woman in his life to have purpose, or complete his mission. Youll regret losing him
Person 1 Do you know lee?

Person 2 yeah, i do hes a solid guy. Hes always had my back and helped me when i got in a jam...

Girl 1 so your with Lee?

Girl 2 Yes! Omg! Hes so good to me. Hes the one, forever!

Girl 3 You better keep him girl. Cause if you don't youll regret it everyday for the rest of your life.
by WithPainComesStrength November 16, 2020
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A spastic gay man that likes a certain pricipal
Lee: mmmm I like you mrs
Principal:what the fuk
by Yeet3434 October 22, 2019
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grandad name, deffo a bit of a gimp, wannabe road man and thinks he’s hard. massive stoner
Oh look, there’s lee with his joint and his walking stick
by xoxogossiippgirrll May 06, 2020
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If your name is Lee, you have a humongous dick and people will say its cap until you actually show them it. Also youre sweet and caring (simp)
Hows you and your girl lee?
Lee: oh shes fine asf
by TheMagicianNeverLies January 15, 2021
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