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Leawood is a suburb of Kansas City, MO. It contains the wealthiest zip code in Kansas, 66211. The pinnacle of wealth within Leawood is the subdivision of Hallbrook which contains homes in excess of $4 million and has been been home to many of Kansas City's best known corporate leaders, professional sports players, working professionals, and the inherentley wealthy. Throughout the 60 or so years of Leawood's existence it has been known to be discriminatory to racial minorities and non-Christian religions. The people of Leawood attend the Blue Valley North School District or the surrounding private schools (Rockhurst, Barstow, Aquinas, among others). Those who do not live in Leawood consider these people to be snobs who often flaunt their money, homes, and expensive cars.
Nativity Church within Leawood, Kansas dubbed as "Our Lady of Mercedes"
by leahood November 08, 2010
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The breadbasket of Kansas. Most people here are wealthy, and it shows. At just about every street corner of Leawood, you will see Lexus', Mercedes', Audis', or BMWs', and every now and then, the occasional Ferrari or Lamborghini. Most of the kids here go to a Blue Valley school, however, there are some who go to private schools. The nicest houses here are in Lions Gate, or Iron Horse. There are some very nice houses in Stillwell. In Leawood, there are very nice restaurants, movie theaters, and stores. There are a few strip malls that are incredibly nice.
Person 1:"Hey man, where are you right now?"

Person 2:"I'm in Leawood, Kansas I just passed a HUGE house, it was on Nall Ave and 135th St, these people here are loaded.
by Tastycakes36 August 16, 2009
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