It means lead me astray, show me, distract me, influence me, or tell me lies tell me sweet little lies.
Sometimes expressed in a similar tone to the phrase 'gimme a break'.
Overall, Take me away from what is happening how.
Me and my brother walk in on Mum Fellating Dad.
'Euugh sick, lead me on.'

My brother: 'I can fly kick Mum's freshly baked cake'
'Go on, Let's See, What are you waiting for, Lead me on'

Not a relation: 'I can induce orgasm using only my facial expressions'
'You can Lead me on'
by Octopusswah May 22, 2008
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The nitch that keeps the other person wanting something even tho they aren't sure that they coulde be able to continue after they got what they wanted from you, but to only lead yourself on even more even if they continue without knowing what they actually want.
The person i fell inlove with lead me on over a long period of time but I have no grasp what she wants.
by Jpagarz September 3, 2022
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